More camping equipment: sleeping bags

Nothing like visiting REI and getting gear lust all over again by Outdoor Gear Lab: Mountain Hardwear Ultralamina 15 is the best synthetic speeding bag tjat is great for colder temperatures and soaking wet conditions. We just got this bag and it is heavy, but obviously warm. Feathered Friend Hummingbird 20. If you don’t live […]

Mac OS X console message… kernel: cksum: out of data by 20

I have literally no idea what this means and the disk looks good. Have run disk utility and the disk structure looks good. Also gettting strange lock ups on this iMac (late 2009) running Mac OS X 10.9.4. Strange. But serveral a second read: kernel: cksum: out of data by 20 Looking at the manual […]

Picking a single board Haswell system

Well time once again to figure out how small and low power you can make something. Let’s look at form factor, chip set, processor, memory, disk, in that order for a basic Haswell system. Here are the recommendations for a Linux running Haswell simple single board computer (and following some models like iafeche) for $584 […]

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