Backpacking stoves

We’ve had the MSR Pocket Rocket for years and it is durable and very light. and has stood the test of time, but it isn’t very stable for sure, but technology has moved ahead:

  • JetBoil Flash. $100. They started the revolution. The main advantage is that it is smaller than the MSR Whisperlite and is best for two peop. 
  • MSR Reactor includes the pot so you don’t need pots and pans but just boils water and is the best for really bad weather camping, otherwise, the Jetboil Flash which started it smaller and cheaper. 848 cu in packed weighting 19 ounces 
  • MSR Whisperlight uses liquid fuel and is for general cooking not just water heating. 96 cu in (but you need a big canister too) and 11.5 ounces, so heavy. 
  • The Optimus Crux is the same design as the Pocket Rocket because it is more stable and can actually be stored under the canister. It is great for warm weather camping. It’s a good backup for those of us who get paranoid about warm food 🙂

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