Mac OS X Mavericks access to Windows via CIFS: vs SMB:

In my case, I got the double foul. My NAS tried to mount forever and failed; same with a Windows 8 PC on my network. The cause appears to be changes made in the networking stack made by Apple. Apple’s SMB2 implementation doesn’t work with a lot of SMB2 devices — even networked drives from […]

Amazing Headphones the Vsonic VC-1000, Brainwavz B2 and Etymotic ER-4P

Well, I got the Vsonic VC-1000 and then promptly lost them, but now I have all three and can report…wow… Joker is right (see these are incredible headphones. I just looked for headphones rated 9.2 and which were amazing. I have to say, I’ve always loved my Etymotic ER-4S and Ps (over the years, […]

Mac price guides

Well if you are in the market for a new laptop, there is nothing quite like the Mac Rumors Buyers Guide ( which basically tells you if a model is obsolete or there is something coming. Once you get a green light from them (literally!), go to the Apple Insiders Price Guide ( and get […]

Salvaging an old Drobo (2nd generation)

Found one of these four drive systems literally in a filing cabinet. We’ve been putting 4TB drives into our Drobo Pro so had some old (2009!) 2TB drives in the closet as well. Amazing how sometimes this old stuff works. Updated to the latest firmware 1.4.2 and Dashboard 2.5 and it actually worked with Mac […]

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