Spideroak is a company with their hearts in the right place. it is basically a dropbox competitor except that it is zero knowledge. Sadly, it just doesn’t seem to work. They don’t seem to have a forum or anywhere to ask questions, but just beware this is what happened:

  • I got 5GB of storage and tried to use SpiderOak Hive like I use Dropbox
  • The storage rapidly got filled up even as I was keeping it clean and then got to 5.3GB and stopped working
  • No matter how many files I deleted, it still says 5.3GB.
  • I then learned it keeps a copy of *every* file ever there and this counts against the 5GB, but if you try to delete a file it stuffs it into deleted items!
  • Then when you try to delete from deleted items, it doesn’t happen. I’m guessing because you are above the limit.
  • If you try to do a password reset (at least on my account), you never get the reset code. I think because it doesn’t like spamassassin. I have the same problem with Gamestop. ugh.

While I know people have to make money, it is sad you can’t delete once you get over this limit. I cancelled the account and will start over, but I’m thinking Dropbox plus Truecrypt for those really private files is the right answer.

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