How do I password protect my albums? « zenphoto forums. I haven’t used zenphoto in a while, but still like it mainly because it is file system based, so I can do big reorganizations of my 7,000 photos without painful user interface interactions. In this case, the main thing is how to get the right protections.
You need to switch your gallery to public and then it allows per-album password protection. You can protect any level and it replicates all the way down the hierarchy. This is great for me as I’ve got lots of deep albums.
The alternative is to choose private in which case you’ve got to manage users and passwords and provide specific access to different albums. The main gotcha here is that only top level albums can be protected this way.
The other thing to do is that you have to upload both a .mp4 file and then a .jpg with the same name. Zenphoto then uses the .jpg as the thumbnail
Finally zenphoto needs to have a plugin enables to handle video. Jplayer seems to be the most supported one. I’ve noticed it is very sensitive to the extension. You can’t use .mov, but can use .mp4. the Flowplayer 3 doesn’t work at all.
And you have to get the order right as the image gallery doesn’t tell you what is a video and what isn’t.

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