Need a few more things to fill up a cart on Overstock (and get a 10% coupon too). So what to get. Movies seems easy, so which Blu-ray’s don’t I have. Although we do lots of netflix etc, the actual Mbps on a Blu-ray still can’t be beat, so here are some lists for filling out a collection not with great movies, but with good movies with great demo scenes when you already have the usual suspects (Saving Private Ryan, The Pacific, The Matrix, Act of Valor, Saving Los Angeles, The Dark Knight).

  • Underworld Awakening.
  • House of Hidden Daggers.

Like everyone else, I listen to some of my favorite bass scenes each time I go to a sub demo session, and compare and contrast what I heard following the demo. Typically, I will demo movie scenes that are generally accepted as having the best bass 5 star bass movies.
via Ultimate Sub Demo Scenes: What are your Top/best bass scenes for each scene type?.

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