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Man life has gotten a lot more complex than just being a student waiting in the TKTS line. Here are some notes if you are headed that way:


The award winning show is on right now. The big question is where to buy tickets. There are a zillion sales sites and what seats to get. First, it is really nice to be able to pick your seats. Telecharge gives you a synthetic view of the stage. They say it is approximate, so who knows. Tickpick (yet another buy your tickets from scalper sites like stubhub but looks like airbnb) gives you the verbal on what seats are the best:

When comparing the updated Shubert seating chart to older configurations the one major difference that can be seen is in the Orchestra section. For the Broadway Musical: Matilda, having the ability for characters to run through the audience is an important feature, thus the change in the seating chart at Shubert Theater. Because of this there’s no longer a center Orchestra section between rows A to E, (note AA, is the first row, which is right in front of row A, making row A, the 2nd row). Now the sections are instead referred to as Right Center Orchestra or Left Center Orchestra, (which I would be cautious about sitting in). But these changes allow the Matilda New York seating chart to have a center aisle (in front of the stage), which allows for some cool acts to occur in that space.
The best seats for Matilda are Center Orchestra rows F to M. The ticket prices for Center Orchestra rows L to S will provide the best deals and most likely the best bang for your buck! You can also find great deals by finding tickets on the side orchestra with a low seat number which will keep you close to the center of the stage.
When looking to buy orchestra tickets to see Matilda (regardless the seat numbers) I would not sit in any orchestra seat within the first 3 rows (you’ll leave with a stiff neck and you won’t be able to appreciate the set).
The right orchestra section starts with row F and the aisle seat towards the center of the stage is seat 2, and the aisle seat furthest from the stage is seat 20.  The left orchestra section starts with row F and the aisle seat towards the center of the stage is seat 1, and the aisle seat furthest from the stage is seat 19. The seating chart makes these aisle seats far from the center of the stage unattractive, yet it’s not as extreme as it appears in 2d.
Do not sit in the last row of the center balcony, on either side of the lighting booth. That is row J seats 113 & 114 or 101 & 102. The pole’s discussed in the above section will obstruct your view. The people sitting in front of you may also block your view, so if these tickets are cheap, there’s a good reason for that, don’t buy these seats.


Then from the broadway message boards:

Sat in front Mezz for both KINKY BOOTS and PIPPIN. Can't go wrong there, especially for PIPPIN. I feel like the Mezz in PIPPIN is a must!
For Pippin, try to avoid the first 3 or 4 rows of the orchestra. We sat in second row and stage is pretty high, so we didn't get to see anything that happens close to the floor far upstage.
For Kinky Boots, your seats are perfect. I think this is a show you want to see from the mezz.
The last three rows of the mezzanine are not good for Matilda - there is an obstructed view from the balcony and you have to lean over to see the stage. You will miss some of the "high" things on the stage such as the blackboard - and telecharge doesn't tell you those seats are obstructed.
And if you are in the first two rows of the mezzanine you need to be in at least 4 seats or your view is obstructed by the set pieces and you won't see the back of the stage (which affects When I Grow Up).
I think closer is better for Matilda and Kinky Boots. Mezz is the best place for Pippen

Here is another post from the forums:

we sat row b mezzanine center just off the aisle - and no obstructions (even the larger sized people in front of us) - fabulous view of the stage. We missed things only because there was so much happening on stage that you are going to miss things!
Center front mezzanine, in my opinion, is ideal for this particular staging.

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