Latest on headlamps. A fast changing category, this review is great because they do their own realistic battery tests:
Selling at an amazingly low street price of $36, the Coast HL7 blew us away with a combination of huge 128 meter beam distance, relatively light 4.4 ounce weight, and best-in-class floodlight optics. The main issue is short full power battery life of 3.3 hours. Uses 3 AAAs. 
Light in weight at 3.3 ounces, compact and durable, the Black Diamond Spot is a great value at approximately $32 street price. It shines a very useful spot light 70 meters, and can produce a decent beam distance for most of the night. Also 3 AAAs.
If small and light is your strategy, the Petzl e+LITE fits the bill. It weighs less than one ounce (0.9 oz or 26 g), and fits in the palm of your hand. We love this light and it is the perfect one for carrying on trips as you really want a light in the (unlikely) event of a hotel fire or whatever.
The Black Diamond ReVolt is our favorite of these state-of-the-art lights due to its unique combination of strong performance, light weight (3.5 oz), and reasonable price (under $60). While the ReVolt was not the best in any of our tests, it was above average in all categories except brightness. And it can accept a standard AAA in an emergency. The USB charging is nice!
via Headlamp Reviews – OutdoorGearLab.

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