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Well, here are some of the cool facts for this week. It is literally raining amazing cameras as everyone is making the transition to 4K and the low end gets better, so here are the cameras to drool over:

  • Sony RX-100 Mark III. For $800, this has got to be pretty much the perfect camera for the prosumer who wants a point and shoot. The same amazing 20MP 1″ sensor, but now it has a built-in pop up EVR and the lense is now 24-70 F1.8-f/2.8! So that you lost a little on the long end, but it is much, much faster. Run don’t walk to the nearest online store (metaphorically speaking). It also has 1080p60 with 4K still output while recording. Cool! And the screen now flips 180 so selfies are easy to take. They have a patent on a 24-100 f/1.8-f/2.8 so that’s probably the RX-200 coming along 🙂
  • Nikon D800 and maybe the Sony A7R if the lenses are any good.. If you don’t mind carrying a lot, this currently has 9 of the top 10 slots on DxOMark for resolution. Too bad I’m stuck on Canon equipment. It’s interesting though that the only camera that ties (#5) is the Sony A7R with the Zeiss 55mm F/1.4 lense (29MP equivalent), so that shows where mirrorless can be in the long term. All of these need a tripod to really get that kind of resolution though. So if you need to buy now it’s the D800, if you can wait, see if Sony can get lenses on par with the Zeiss and they get rid of their lossy RAW, then things can get very interesting!
  • Sony a7 price drop to $1500. The 24MP version of is now $1500. Wow, that is the cheapest full frame you can buy and I’m guessing it shows where Sony is headed.  They also have a very fast A7s coming out. Only 12MP, but much faster and better low light presumably with ISO 104,000 if you can believe that! Maybe the perfect movie camera?!
  • Pentax 645Z. OK, for the total geek for $8K, you can get a bigger than 35mm format camera. Can’t wait to try it at I can’t wait to try it.
  • Sony camera sales fall by 33%. Wow that is amazing and shows how badly camera phones are hurting the low end.
  • GoPro 4 will be 4K video and 1080p120. Now that is the GoPro to get!

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