What's Rich been up to? Wading through Scons and Learning Docker and using those old RPis

Well it has been a busy two weeks of hacking away. Two main things have been struggling with understanding how Scons (a kind of super make works) by wrestling with it controlling the installs of a Cmake, Bjam and Node-gyp and npm installed programs. This stuff is not easy particularly when you get 300,000 lines […]

Trello, Slack, Trello Plus, Getfranke, google docs, Shiftit, Compiz Grid

Well what are the cool tools we’ve been using lately: Slack. Wow I see why they got a billion dollar valuation. Slack is already a verb in our shop and I barely read email anymore. It is much more public than email and has some really convenient features for developers: a) you can edit your […]

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