Well, in using 1Password on Linux, if you try to just double click on the .agilekeychain with Firefox or Chrome, it will fail because for security reasons, you can no longer access local files from a browser. To make it work, if you are internet connected, login to the www.dropbox.com site and click on the html file within the .agilekeychain directory.


If you want to make this work offline (http://chrome-allow-file-access-from-file.com/), you have to allow local file access which is a big security hole, but maybe necessary. On Linux, yo have to change the launcher os it runs --allow-access-from-files as a flag. It is not easy to find the .desktop file, here is how I did it find / -name '*.desktop | grep chromium and it appears in /usr/share/application. Find the exec line and all the flag.


As http://kb.mozillazine.org/Links_to_local_pages_don’t_work explains you can use the locallink extension and disable javascript blocker’s check as well.

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