Stepping off the Raspberry Pi into Pine64…


Well, working with the RPi has been great. The community has been terrific and Raspbian has worked well. Now we are off to try some different platforms mainly to get a more standard graphics core, so looking at the Pine64. This has just shipped and uses the Mali GPU from ARM.
Man is this a new world!
This was a Kickstarter project that actually seems to have worked. We got four Pine 64+ boards with 2GB of memory and gigabit Ethernet, but the software is shall we say fresh.
First up is getting a working operating system. (this last ones seems to be support by the company at points to and various forum members seems to be the spot for this and trying to stay on the mainline, it looks like Debian running Mate with a 3.x kernel is the most popular. It's going to be interesting to see if we can get Docker working on such an old kernel. Wish me luck!
The two folks doing this are mane who is supporting ubuntu and lenny.raposo who seems affiliated with pine64 who is doing Debian all based on Allwinner (the maker of the SOC hardware's) BSP (Base Support) that longsleep has taken and turned into the 3.10 kernel

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