I used to use Geotag and then Picasa or iPhoto to make these kind of EXIF changes, but each has sadly died. Geotag doesn’t work anymore. Picasa was cancelled as was iPhoto, so there go the free options.
The only one I’ve found that works reliably is Adobe Lightroom, but it’s a little complicated:

  1. Import your photos into Lightroom
  2. Select the Photos and in the Library tab, choose Metadata/Edit Capture Time. One of the convenient options here is to shift time zones (the usual problem).
  3. Go to the Maps tab and type in the location of the photos, or get close and then you can drag and drop groups of photos onto the Map
  4. Now the data is correct in Lightroom’s internal database, so now you update the actual data in the photos themselves by going back to the Library tab and choosing all the photos and Metadata/Save Metadata to File

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