Time to retire that old iMac 2008 Spontaneous Reboots and Hangs


Well the thing has been super trustyworthy but lately there have been two problems:

  1. Graphics driver crash. The screen locks up and you can see blocks of pixels flashing. Feels like an nVidia driver crash in Sierra. I've heard that the increased use of the GPU can cause crashes in old hardware. Sigh. I've tried keeping the temperature down with SMCFanControl and that seemed to help a little bit. Read that somewhere
  2. Spontaneous reboots. You can just stare at the thing and it will reboot itself. Looking at the console's system.log I see that there is n0o special message. It says "logd: Flusing contents to disk due to sleep event" and then "com.apple.xpc.launchd: Service exited with abnormal code: 75". The confusing thing is that I have the thing running at never sleep. Ryan seems to have a similar problem and it never returns with a Panic happened message.

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