Ok this is a little bit of a nerd topic, but Tesla updated their Model X 75 and 100 sometime in mid 2017 so they produce more power. It is pretty incredible that you can do this in firmware, but the power went from 380 horsepower to 430 horsepower. Wow, that is pretty awesome, the trick though is to figure out if you have an “uncorked car” or not.
You can call Tesla of course and ask them, but if you are a nerd how do you figure out what kind of car you really have. Well here are some cool tools.
https://teslatap.com/vin-decoder/. This takes your VIN and tells you what options you have. Just go to Tesla.com and copy your vin number and past it into Teslatap. This only gives you the most basic options however and tells you that
Then to figure out what options you have go to two websites that are doing the option decode work for you:
https://tesla.whaleface.com. This is updated to handle model x and S. correctly but doesn’t handle the color codes correctly . It is based on http://options.teslastuff.net. For the model S only. To use it,  you go to Tesla.com/teslaaccount and right click on your car image and choose to copy image address and paste in the url, then it will decode the options for you.
https://ev-cpo.com/hunter. This handles the color options which whaleface.com does not handle correctly. You can also look to see if anyone else has entered that car in the used car database at ev-cpo.com or paste the url from your Tesla account.
Finally if you want to see if you are uncorked or not, this is a little bit more involved. You have to sign up for Teslafi.com and then look at your drive data. Click on edit headers and you need to add a field  called Performance Configfor your model X. Look and see if says P1 that means you are uncorked.

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