Car Camping


Well someone asked what you should get when you go car camping, here are some suggestions, the first is that you want to maximize comfort and fun. The whole point of car camping is to make sure your family and friends want to go again. With that in mind, here are some recommendations on what to get to be ready. Here seems to be super reliable.
Air MattressesYou really want the best mattress that you can find. The Expat Megamattress 7.5 is a 3 inch high monster with great insulation and comfort. It’s expensive at $200 but worth it if you go on another camping trip.
Camping stoves. For most folks the really inexpensive Coleman Classic for $35 is all you will ever need, but if you want the most luxurious the Camp Chef Everest ($125) gets rid of all the hassle.
Coolers. Having fresh food that isn’t spoiled matters. For most people doing a weekend, the Coleman Extreme 5 Cooler is all you need with 70 gallon capacity. But if you really want 7-days with no ice, then the Otterbox at $300 is your luxury ticket. Some people like to be able to roll your cooler in, if so you need a different taller design so it doesn’t flop over. The Igloo Ice Cube Roller Cooler seems pretty good at least by Amazon ratings. And I you need something really gigantic like a yard long, the Coleman Extreme 6 is 120 quarts of cooler.

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