With the Tour de France in full swing, it’s time to look at the latest in bicycle technology. This year the big news is that disc brakes and aerodynamics are all the rage. Most of the new bikes have only an ounce or so difference, so if you have the money, you can get disc brakes with superior braking without any loss of performance.
So what are the big cool new bikes? Well last year, the amazing bicycles as listed by Gran Fondo ended up with the Specialized Tarmac S-Works coming out on top. And the BMC RaceMachine is right up there. Having ridden them, they are sure monsters of speed.
But every year, things get a bit better, so let’s see what is up at the 2018 Tour De France:
Pinarello Dogma F10 X-Light. This saves an incredible 190 grams on the frame by not painting it to 760 grams. And it has an aero handlebar/stem combination from MOST their in-house component company although the S-Works Tarmac at 733 grams and the Trek Edmonda actually still weighs less at 640 grams if you can believe that.
Specialized S-Works Venge. This is their new aerodynamic frameset, like many of the new bikes, it has completely hidden wires and an aerobar that doesn’t baytape on the top bar to improve aerodynamics and it has Dura-ace disk brakes. An amazingly clean looking bike. An incredible drool factor.
BMC Timemachine Road 01. Another incredible bike from Switzerland. They continue the trend and even add fairings to smooth things out. For instance, there is a fairing where the water bottles live and also around the wheels. This in addition to the more typical aerocockpit (stem plus bar), they have fairings

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