Helping people into hiking


We went with Kim and Tom for a nice hike and I was reminded that when getting introduced to hiking there are so many toys and tricks that make it easier to live the sport.

1. Make sure you have all fitting shoes. You ones that are light that Huber you the support that you need. Going to a good running store is a good idea.

2. Don't over dress. Most folks there first time out dress like they are going to Mt. Everest. So dress in layers and expect to drop to something that is appropriate for 20 degrees warmer.

3. Don't carry to much stuff. You don't need that two pounds wallet. Maybe just a license. And some water. You don't want to run out of water.

4. Go somewhere fun with a view. Everyone in hiking likes to talk about those horrible hikes but that's not the point. Set your sights on the best views with the least pain. I use Alltrails for that or the WTA app locally.

5. Take lots of breaks. It is good to have a heart monitor or use an apple watch. You do not want to go too hard. I try to take breaks every 10 minutes at first.

6. Go one a group. Solo hiking is ok but stay safe. Always have a plan and let someone know when you are supposed to be back.

7. Wear thin socks. It's ironic but blisters happen when the sock bunches up.

8. If you are going to have a backpack then have one with a good hipbelt. You want the weight on your legs.

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