Saving the world one soda bottle at a time

OK, Catherine guilted us into it. Rather than buying bottled soda water or anything like that, why not just use a Sodastream and fire it up. We had already switched from bottled still water to using a filter (not really needed where we live, the water is just so good), but she was right about soda water.

So here is what to get:

  1. Sodastream starter. This comes with a 60L cylinder and a 1L bottle. What you do is pretty simple. Put the CO2 cylinder in the back. Then screw on the 1L bottle with water up to the level in the front. Then press the button on the top. It “buzzes” when the pressure relief value opens. Do this three times and you have soda in water. They confusing make two versions of this. The older one has a single button on top, the other one is called Fizzi and it can handle 130L cylinders. That is enough to make 130 liters of soda water.
  2. 2x60L Co2 containers. They pretty clearly make their money on consumables, so it is $60 for two of these. You can return your empty cylinder to Sodastream for recycling which is nice.
  3. 3 Pack of 1L bottles. You get a single 1L bottle, so for $22, you get a pack of three. Good for parties if you get a total of 7 bottles.

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