Saving dollars with T-mobile

It’s amazing what they don’t tell you, but if you are a T-mobile customer some promotions that can save you money. The best way to do this is to periodically troll through the billing menus: Quibi is free for a year. You have to go to one line and it activates for all. And yes, […]

Argh: iOS Mail chews up half you phone

Argh, this has really been a problem. I’ve constantly found that with a 64GB iPhone X, I’m running out of space all the time. I’ve kicked off a huge number of applications, but I’m constantly 99% full. In looking at Setttings > General > iPhone Storage, almost 40% of the system is taken up by […]

#Allinwashington and congrats

Wow, congrats to friends Tony and Michelle and everyone else for a cool concert, nothing like seeing 30K simultaneous views and some great music too. is the streaming location To check it out. at to donate and I’m having some trouble streaming from that site, so use the first link Nice work all

Great but not expensive Scotch

Well, I guess you can always buy a really expensive Scotch in the hundreds of dollars and of course there are of course less expensive. But if you want a good bottle as a gift, there isn’t a lot of help. Scotch Noob I think is a good intermediate site for this. He has a […]

Life suckers: Run don’t walk to calling Comcast Downgrade

Ok Comcast is constantly lowering prices but they don’t tell their current customers. There is the reverse of price protection. Old customers pay more. So call a special number 1 (800) 934-6489 and not the main Comcast one and select ‘down grade service’ This will get you to some reasonable. If you ask for it […]

Getting ready for Summer Room Air Conditioning

Well, many folks are going to be holed up in their apartments instead of offices, so time now to get a room air conditioner. Even when you get one, you will want to make sure it has a good seal. You need three things A mount so the thing doesn’t fall out the window. Although […]

Yet more light bulb types S8 and more

Ok just when I thought I knew everything. From knowing that a light bulb shape such as E26 is the common lightbulb base (mean Edison screw type with is 26mm wide) also know and medium to the light bulb shape (an A19 which is the familiar “normal light bulb) A shape. There are many more […]

Why are all these numbers so close? Relationships, genetic diversity and survival minimum

Genetic diversity shows you need need 50-500 people to maintain enough diversity to prevent gene drift and too much inbreeding Social relationship. The number of relationships you can keep in your head is about 150 called the Dunbar number. The number is actually between 100-250. So surprisingly close. Tribal relationships. The smallest size is 50 […]

Best CO Detectors, replacing Kidde CO and Smoke Alarms, Chopping Boards

Ok I’ve been busy so this is a combo post of all the questions I’ve been asked this week: Smoke Alarms. Our Kidde COSM-IBA finally started beeping. It wasn’t the battery, turns out that it will die seven years after being plugged in so you need a new one. I don’t know if this is […]

Comcast downgrading is hard a guide

Wow, they are such a piece of work. First of all during this COVID-19 thing, suddenly the bill rises 40% without any notification (I’m sure I rolled off of some plan). It is so difficult, here are some things to know: Add a notification on auto payment. Comcast does not provide any notification when you […]

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