Argh Flaky Monitors ASUS PB278 Sync Saga continues

Well both our ASUS PB278s seems a bit flaky. No matter what I try I can’t get one of them to reliable turn on. It sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t. I tried the HDMI connection and the DisplayPort and rebooting the Mac. When I change it for a Benq 32 it works fine. Both of these seem to have trouble with auto connection.

It doesn’t matter if it is direct connect to USB or via a Caldigit TS3 dock or any of the USB C no-name hubs that I try. Argh!

Well, I’m retiring one of these as a backup and the other one seems to work more reliably.

The strange thing is that once it connect it seems reliable, so I think it is the detection circuitry.

Sort of like trying to make a movie, but the camara operator doesn’t know what the clapperboard means πŸ™‚

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