Google Chrome Dark Mode and Google Slides does not Play in Chrome or Safari

Argh two Google problems today. The first is really annoying, I downloaded an extension that would force Dark Mode on Chrome, but when I uninstalled it, the backgrounds were still DARK. Argh! I tried changing the Dark mode on the Mac and also changing the default Theme.

It turns out that plug in actually turns on an Experimental feature as Windows Report explains. So in Chrome type chrome://settings and search for Dark Mode and you will find

Force Dark Mode for Web Contents
Automatically render all web contents using a dark theme. – Mac, Windows, Linux, Android


The second problem is that on my machine our videos that are embedded in Google Slides are not working. On Safari, the click doesn’t do anything and on Google Chrome we get an error . How frustrating. The only cure seems to be to try to clear the cache which doesn’t sound super promising as a solution. Wondershare recommends seeing if the videos really do playback which they do on the local machine.

None of this worked including disabling all extensions. Sigh! So here is what I found:

  1. Chrome even with everything disabled will not play videos in either Google Drive or Google Slides.
  2. Safari with all plugins disabled will play the video out of Google Drive but not Google Slides
  3. Firefox works fine, it plays videos out of Drive and Slides.

Very strange error. I probably need to go into the Developer Mode and see where the Javascript is failing 🙁

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