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Annoying things with Wowchemy and Hugo


Ok, in trying to finish gracetong.com, I've had a lot of little glitches with the template that is Wowchemy. This is a really nice quick and dirty way to get a resume up, but one big thing you give up when going to WordPerfect to Hugo is that many of the nice tools are not there. So, here are some notes:

  1. Changing the Website favicons. There are the tiny little 16x16 icons that come up in the tab windows of Safari or Chrome. Changing them is pretty simple, you just need to have a file called icon.png into asset/media that is 512x512 and wowchemy takes care of the rest. but the problem is that browsers cache these don't change them, so to see them in debugging with Safari, you have to delete the website logo cache by going to ~/Library/Safari/Favicon Cache/  and then deleting all the files there. The mechanism used here is HTML for an icon in the header called rel=icon and then you load an image.
  2. Changing the layouts of widgets. It is pretty obscure how wowchemy widgets work, but in short, they are kept in ./layouts/partials/widgets and they look like a small piece of HTML. The neat thing is that you can add more types easily by copying them from the _vendor/github.com/wowchemy-hugo-modules after you do a hugo get mod and copying the partials/widgets into the higher level partials/widgets

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