Wireless Mouse Charging Pads and Mouse Pads in general

Well, I’ve used lots of different mouse pads during the pandemic and I have to say after of that there are two kinds which are wireless qi charger enabled and right now I don’t have a recommendation for them:

  1. Corsair MM1000. This is actually my favorite mouse pad but it is currently unavailable. The main problem is that the Qi charger is realy sensitive to location and it only works 7.5W. It is nice to have it right there and hidden.
  2. JCREN Wireless Charging Pad. I would actually not recommend getting these things, they have a Qi Charger in them which is nice, but the mouse pad surface itself is just not that great. It is kind of slick and not that nice.

Then for regular mouse pads via Tech Gear Labs and of course IGN has a great list and while you can get an el cheapo one, I would recommend:

  1. SteelSeries QcK or Logitech G440. This is a really nice surface that is also small. I really like the older 4HD because it was veyr hard. These are budget pads that are not expensive, but really work well.
  2. artisan ninja FX. But the mouse pad that I really like is from Japan and is an impregnated cloth system and really great. This is a really expensive mouse pad, but it is soft like cloth but had embedded glass beads in it. Sounds strange but a princely $70, it really works wlel. The best of worlds.

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