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guide: Workwear for personal protection


OK, this is going to sound nerdy, but doing things around the house or going to a construction site, you should think about these things, so from head to toe, what should a person get:

  1. Work Gloves, if you are doing really heavy work then the big leather gloves are great, but if you are doing delicate work, what do you do, but Mechanix Wear are good general-purpose one. Well, the DEX FIT Nitrile gloves are a good choice. They are super sticky so don't reduce feel and they are safe.
  2. Work Boots. You can spend a fortune on these, but if you just want a decent set with steel then the KEEN for $140 or so is a composite toe and waterproof but the composite costs more. This is a lighter boot, but you will need to replace it if there is an incident. If you actually want to have something that has a great reputation, then the best boots are licensed to CAT Alaska 2.0 is the goto at $105, so really the price difference to get the best is not bad. Finally, if you care about fashion, you can splurge for the $350 Red Wing Iron Ranger. These take forever to break in, but are mad in America and look great too.
  3. Overalls. If the weather is not too bad, you want some general-purpose overalls like the Red Kap Long Sleeve for $31. It is not going to work well in bad weather, but is a good general thing.
  4. Eye Protection. Ok, I'm a bit of a fanatic about this, but to go whole hog is not that bad, if you are worried about things flying into your eye, then splurge and get a Military Standard set of eye protection. The Revision MIlitary Sawfly Deluxe has three different lens and while they will scratch, they are great for keeping in your work bag. If you want something more for every day the Smith Director is polycarbonate and comes in polarized and clear for $80 at Amazon.
  5. Walkie Talkies (Outdoor World). Range is not as important but having something that is handsfee definitley is so Motorola is the classic band here but Cobra has been around for Cobra ACT645 and with a handsfree system too for $109 for two.

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