rt1: Devindra on ChatGPT and Education in India

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rt1: Devindra on ChatGPT and Education in India

An interview with Devindra about the future education in the world of ChatGPT and Large Language Models.

RT1. Devindra on ChatGPT and Education in India

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Show Notes

A conversation with Devindra on the possibilities of ChatGPT and other Large Language Models for education in India and other Middle and Low-Income Countries. While these large language models today mainly work in the cloud and require high-speed internet connectivity, the promise is that smaller models that are more specialized have already been ported to MacBook Pro M1 and other laptops. And with advances like 4-bit quantization, there is the possibility they can even run on modern smartphones.

The experience in China and in India is that parents will save inordinately to give their children a better life than theirs. Both Devindra and I are the beneficiaries of that thinking and we are forever grateful to our parents for their sacrifice. So, this means that there is a possibility that there could be a commercial incentive which is much better than constantly asking for charitable dollars.

The new LLMs promise interactivity and individualized instruction that was impossible before. Early demonstrations of learning a foreign language are promising as is the student being able to ask the "why" of how Python is structured, not just the "get it done" without understanding that online education often creates. Finally, having an eye toward inclusivity for everyone of any gender, race or social status is something that needs to be baked in. We look forward to helping!

The Zoom version

This one has better video and the demo in full screen. Apologies, I'm still working through making this OBS Studio stuff work well. But the one above is in full 4K HDR so there's there 🙂

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