rt1: Devindra on ChatGPT and Education in India

An interview with Devindra about the future education in the world of ChatGPT and Large Language Models.

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RT1. Devindra on ChatGPT and Education in India

RT3. AI Hardware Introduction Paul, Deon & Tong

This is another sort of nerdy side note. If anyone is still watching, this section is just to give intuition on the basics of the hardware. There are lots of assumptions about GPUs and CPUs that I wanted to make sure people understood.But the basics are that CPUs are tuned for lots of branches and different workflows, while GPUs are tuned for lots of the same things like matric math. And because they are so fast, most of the job of the computer folks is "feeding the beast". That is caching the most frequently used information so they don't have to wait. There are some errors I think in the levels of the CPU and GPU performance particularly in the cache performance as it is not very clear how this works and the results of course vary depending on the models of processors, so these are all approximations. Put in comments better sources. I have all the sources listed in a spreadsheet that is part of this. We are happy to send this to anyone who wants the source data. I'll fix these errors in later editions (as I'm obsessive that way) .Also, I'm quite proud of the HDR mix, using the latest OBS settings, producing in HDR in Final Cut Pro, and adjusting the video scope levels helps. The audio is a little hot and I'm sorry about that, I'll turn it down next time, I stoo much time in the red. My Scarlett needs to about 1 O'clock and it works. See https://youtu.be/FupclouzYTI for a video version. And more details at https://tongfamily.com/2024/03/08/pod-rt3-ai-hardware-introduction/ Chapters: 00:00 AI Hardware Introduction 00:42 Computer Engineering in Two Slides 05:40 It's 165 Years to a Single Disk Access?!! 14:12 Intel Architecture CPU 17:03 What's all this about NVidia 25:24 And now for something completely different, Apple 29:45 Introduction Summary 2024-03 -08 Shot as UHD HEVC HDR PQ 10 bit using OBS Studio and Final Cut Pro© 2024. Iron Snow Technologies, LLC. All Rights Reserved. — Send in a voice message: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/richt/message
  1. RT3. AI Hardware Introduction
  2. DT6. AI Intro and Intuitions
  3. DT5. 8 AI Diamonds for you. Insights from 2023 and 2024 Predictions
  4. RT5. Testing, testing, 1, 2, 3…
  5. PT6. AI Geeks and Happy Birthday France

Show Notes

A conversation with Devindra on the possibilities of ChatGPT and other Large Language Models for education in India and other Middle and Low-Income Countries. While these large language models today mainly work in the cloud and require high-speed internet connectivity, the promise is that smaller models that are more specialized have already been ported to MacBook Pro M1 and other laptops. And with advances like 4-bit quantization, there is the possibility they can even run on modern smartphones.

The experience in China and in India is that parents will save inordinately to give their children a better life than theirs. Both Devindra and I are the beneficiaries of that thinking and we are forever grateful to our parents for their sacrifice. So, this means that there is a possibility that there could be a commercial incentive which is much better than constantly asking for charitable dollars.

The new LLMs promise interactivity and individualized instruction that was impossible before. Early demonstrations of learning a foreign language are promising as is the student being able to ask the “why” of how Python is structured, not just the “get it done” without understanding that online education often creates. Finally, having an eye toward inclusivity for everyone of any gender, race or social status is something that needs to be baked in. We look forward to helping!

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This one has better video and the demo in full screen. Apologies, I’m still working through making this OBS Studio stuff work well. But the one above is in full 4K HDR so there’s there 🙂

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