dt3: GPT4 and SVB, The Best of Times, The Worst of Times

Ok, Deon and Tong’s Third Podcast or maybe Exhaustion cast is a better name. YouTube in 4K HDR Glory Sorry for the continuing video issues, we are recording this in 4K HDR, so if you want to see it in high definition glory, you need an HDR capable screen (like the iPhone 14 Pro or […]

Welcome to the new tongfamily.com!

Well, the switch is finally done. I got mainly held up on the WordPress strange rewrite difference from MovableType. If you want to see the old site, it currently lives at “richtong.org”:http://richtong.org, but eventually, I’ll just put all the old files into “old.tongfamily.com”:http://old.tongfamily.com

Becareful WordPress automatically rewrites domain URLs

So this is all a bit tricky particularly if you want to keep everything running. Here are the weird things you need to remember when transitioning. Some are DNS peculiarities, others are WordPress peculiarities, the biggest one being that WordPress unlike MovableType controls the URL rewriting, so even if you point say “tongfamily.com” to the […]

PHP Editors

We’ve had a bunch of build problems with “Qiming Ventures”:http://qimingventures.com, so back to looking at PHP and MovableType scripts. Here are some resources: * “PHP Editors”:http://www.php-editors.com/. If you can believe it there is an entire website devoted just to PHP editing. They even include a “reviews”:http://www.php-editors.com/review/?PHPSESSID=bf704693acaebde588a17ab47e89cc2c section where the best freeware editor is “PHP Designer”:http://www.mpsoftware.dk/phpdesigner.php […]


Well we are starting to use the Commercial MovableType for “Ignition”:http://ignitionpartners.com, it is certainly quite a bit different than the verison that I use. One big thing is that it uses a different set of HTML editors. I normally use Textile, but they use “FCKEditor”:http://fckeditor.net which is a pretty nice WYSIWYG editor that looks like […]

Movable Type 3.2 Templates

Learning Movable Type: MT3.2 – Changing the Default Sidebar Position. With Movable Type 3.2, the big changes are better anti-spam and also a switch to a new set of default templates that are the same across MT, TypePad and LiveJournal, but that makes it pretty hard to understand. The Learning blog has a good description […]

Useful MovableType Plugins

With MovableType 3.2 installation done, there are a couple of plugins that are pretty much mandatory installs including: * MtInlineEditor – Movalog Plugins – Trac. This lets you inline edit text entries. * “Enclosures”:http://www.sixapart.com/pronet/plugins/plugin/enclosures.html. You pretty much have to have this to do podcasting. When upload an MP3 that’s a podcast, this plugin sucks it […]

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