Well we are starting to use the Commercial MovableType for “Ignition”:http://ignitionpartners.com, it is certainly quite a bit different than the verison that I use. One big thing is that it uses a different set of HTML editors. I normally use Textile, but they use “FCKEditor”:http://fckeditor.net which is a pretty nice WYSIWYG editor that looks like Word. Apparently, there is a way to use both together.

“Klaassen”:http://weblog.leidenuniv.nl/users/klaassenplf/archives/2005/06/10/tutorial_wysiwyg_under_movable_type_3x.html has a goo dtutorial about how to install it onto MovableType. YOu basically download it and then hack away at the .tmpl files so you can use it in entry editing.

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