Kid Games

“”: is a great site that averages reviews across the web. Here are some games I found that I think the kids might like: * “Sports Games”: Free downloads are key so they can try the games. Cnet has a great collection of sports games. * “Kids Games”: These are games for smaller kids under […]

Croquet, Stomp Rockets, Pool Toys, Scooters…

Our kids just love that. It is amazing how entertaining it is. Just make sure you get the plastic mallets and not the hard wood ones.

Also for that age, I’m assuming you mean summer toys, other things that the kids loved (I’m afraid ours are past that age now!) are:

* Stomp rockets. These are things at toyrus, but basically they are air powered and shoot out
* Kites. They last about 10 minutes at that age, but great fun at gasworks park
* Pool toys. For the summer, anything that floats will do. We had a blow up alligator and that was incredible fun. Costco has them for 10 dollars.
* Scooters. Amazing how fun these are. Get a helmet though.

If there is anything else, you can come by and grab them from our garage, we are always giving away to folks. With three kids, we have lots of stuff.


!{float: right; margin-left: 10px;}!: Time once again for Rich to take charge and roast the turkey. As usual, here’s a list of recipes that work: “Whole Foods”: The local high end but fresh grocer around here. They have a basic recipe that includes brining the turkey. The brine ratio: 2 gallons water 2 cups kosher […]

Playing Monopoly and Scabble

The kids have been playing lots of our old favorite board games lately. Here are some places to look for tips and tricks: h4. Monopoly This is a game that really teaches you how to add and subtract. Here are some strategy guides: * – Downloads. This has a strategy guide online that is […]

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