Kid Games

“”: is a great site that averages reviews across the web. Here are some games I found that I think the kids might like:

* “Sports Games”: Free downloads are key so they can try the games. Cnet has a great collection of sports games.
* “Kids Games”: These are games for smaller kids under 7 or so. Amongst these, the Caillou games and Jr. Architect look pretty good and worth trying.

For bigger kids, there are the simulation games including:

* “Ship Simulator 2006”: You can download it, but it doesn’t have sailing, but gives you big yachts around the world :-0 This game we bought and turned out OK, but ultimately it was a litlle too simple. Virtual Skipper which is just about sailing has turned out way more interesting. Basically just tooling around a harbor is kinda boring.
* “GT Legends”: This is a car simulation of authentic old models. It has a demo version too to try.
* “City Life”: This is Simcity for the 21st century with a “demo”: version to try.
* “Keepsake”: An Adventure game updated and it doesn’t sound like it is violent. Also has a free trial download.

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