Monitor advice for photography

Well, I’m no expert on this, I have many expert friends: 1. If you want the very highest quality, then NEC really makes the best monitors. So there are specific monitors like the BenQ PhotoVue. Because they are much more managed in terms of colors so $1K to $5k are not crazy. 2. If you are […]

“arbitrary stop errors because of excess overlap” : Bugs : Enblend

Sometimes enblend stops with error code 1 and a message “excessive overlap detected; remove one of the images”. This behavior is arbitrary. F.e. a test project with 8 images all in the exact same place on an equirectangular canvas doesn’t cause the error. via Bug #685893 (sf-2932316) “arbitrary stop errors because of exces…” : Bugs […]

Trouble with Red River paper, Canon i9900 and Mac OS X

Try as I might, I can’t seem to get the Mac and Red River paper to work with my Canon i9900. It just all looks too red. Either I have to swap back to the PC. It all used to work find when I had an ASUS clone up there, so it is something to […]

Next Full Frame Cameras: Canon 5D Mark II, Nikon D700 and Sony too

With Nikon’s strong product line and the D60 and D300 and Canon needs to reply (and those of us with Canon lenses are praying). Nikon has doubled its market share in the last two years, so Canon is really in an interesting position (read, they don’t have products to defend share). “”: provides those of […]

Beyond Combat Flight Simulator

So where can you go beyond Microsoft’s old copy of Combat Flight Simulator if you want to fly jets? Well, besides a joystick, you are in the modding and open source communities. People are just maintaining and skinning stuff. Amazingly creative. Starting at “Sim-HQ”: you can see a whole series of reviews for something called […]

Landscape Photography

Had a chance to read a landscape photography magazine. Some great tips # “Neutral Density Graduated Filters”: are a good way to get a landscape where the sun is really bright and the landscape is dark. You get something which doesn’t require exposure bracketing and then processing with Photomatix to get a photo. A neutral […]

DSLR Recommendations

Well, the photo world is shaking up again. The new cameras are just so amazingly good and they are improving not so much in resolution. The megapixel wars are ending, but in providing great images at high ISOs. This means two things: a) available light shooting is much more natural and easier for everyone and […]

Stryker Mobile Gun System

!! Watched a “Future Weapons”: with the kids and some great footage on the new “Stryker”: There are lots of variants and “M1128 Styker Mobile Gun System”: !>! This is one big gun on one small platform.

Exposure adjustments in Snow

Well it did snow here in Seattle. An amazing day. A camera’s normally miraculous autoexposure system can be confused by snow. As “”: explains, the camera is set to see the world as 18% grey, so if the world is much more white (e.g., snow), it will tend to underexpose to get back to that […]

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