Trouble with Red River paper, Canon i9900 and Mac OS X


Try as I might, I can't seem to get the Mac and Red River paper to work with my Canon i9900. It just all looks too red. Either I have to swap back to the PC. It all used to work find when I had an ASUS clone up there, so it is something to do with Mac and the i9900. Argh! Or, buy some "Canon 8x10": paper. Arrgh. I hate these kinds of incompatibilities.

"": has a PDF wioth all the instructions.

There is color management and it works fine on Canon paper, so it feels like a problem with the ICC profiels that you get from Red River and this configuraiton. Nonetheless, google:"red river canon i9900 printing problem" shows some potential solutions:

"": has this issue and most folks thought it had to do with double color management. Apparently, color management twice usually results in a magenta cast. Apparently on the Mac, there is an additional option for i9900 in the printer drive dialog. In Color Options, there is an additional option, select "Color Correction - None"

Other folks have said that in the dialog where you uncheck ICM, you are supposed to set colors to zero. I don't know why that would matter.

At "PC Review Forum": others think it might be related to having Print with Preview turned on. Which I didn't. Other than that you get the usual uninstall the driver, reboot and reinstall (and pray!).

Also folks are having similar problems with "Lightroom":