FujifilmS9500 vs. Panasonic DMC-FZ30 vs. Canon Digital Rebel XT

Finally, “Cameralabs”:http://www.cameralabs.com/reviews/FujifilmS9500/page4.shtml has a good side by side comparison of high end superzooms S9500 and DMC-FZ30 vs the Canon Digital Rebel XT with its kit 18-55mm EF-S lense. While not exactly far, it gives you a sense for whether or not to buy a low end dSLR with a cheap lense or a high end […]

Noise Ninja, Neat Image and DxO

“Noise Ninja”:http://www.picturecode.com/ and “Neat Image”:http://neatimage.com get frequent mentions from the top photography sites for reducing “digital noise” Another often used tool is “DxO”:http://dxo.com which corrects the imperfections of particular lenses digitally. They have a computer model for popular pro lenses and thus can correct lense problems. Pretty amazing really what you can do with digital […]

Compact EVF and Ultracompact Digital Cameras

With so many low end cameras coming out post PMA 2006, the choices are really changing. For many folks, a good EVF at $500 or a ultracompact is all that you’ll ever need. Here are some recommendations but stay tuned as these new cameras get reviewed. By the way “Imaging Resource”:http://www.imaging-resource.com/WB/WB.HTM?view=dp_enth probably has the best […]

Canon i9900 and 8×10

Digital Darkroom Forum: Can anyone brint borderless 8×10 on Canon i9900?.It is a ridiculous issue, but apparently, Canon doesn’t let you set arbitrary sizes for your paper. So the very common 8×10 isn’t supported, although 8.5×11 is. How wierd. Here is how I do it with my Canon i9900 and Photoshop CS2, I just fake […]

Video and Photo Editors

Now that I’m full bore doing digital pictures, the question is what should you use for editing. There are three tracks: a) getting professional software mainly from Adobe for hundreds of dollars, b) getting amateur stuff for dozens or c) living with freeware. H2. Amateur Software This prosumer software has gotten quite good, so it […]

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