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The new Panasonic DVD-D300 needs an SD card for still photos. It is only 3Mp resolution, but OK for snap shots. So what to get. Well, the main issue is read/write speed. The benchmark is 20MBps or 133x as the standard interface was once 133 times less thatn 20MBps. A 1GB card has probably the best price/performance.

Here are some good SDs to choose, but basically, you can buy 30x (5Mbps), 60x (10Mbps) and 133x (20Mbps) cards as noted in “Pricegrabber”:, the best selling card is right now the Corsair 133x in 512MB and 2GB forms. The 2GB is a screaming deal at $63 with a $20 rebate right now.

* Legit Reviews – Kingston Ultimate 1-GB SD Card Review. Runs at 133x
* “Sandisk Extreme III”: Another 133x card that performs well.

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    Our tests of SanDisk SD cards show that 1GB SD Cards and 2GB SD Cards are compatible with the Palm model Treo 600, 650, Tungsten T5, Zire 72 and the LifeDrive. However SanDisk 4GB SD Cards are not supported by Palm Tunsten T5. Further tests will be conducted on other Palm modles.

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