SD Memory Card REview


EXTREME Overclocking – 1GB & 2GB ATP Secure Digital SD Memory Card Review – Page: 6 – Tweaking PC Hardware To The Max. Memory cards are all pretty much the same, but for $68 vs. $50 for a vanilla card, you get one that is about twice as fast on writing. 10MBps is 60x the normal speed.
These folks also make a 22MB (150x card), but the reviews on pricegrabber say it is unreliable on writes and “corrupts”:,__11995784. Too bad, it is the same price as the 60x card. “Phoronix”: likes their test sample though so go figure.
Another choice is the Transcend 80x which seem to get good “pricegrabber”:,__8301533/sort_type=bottomline reviews and is $65 with a $10 rebate right now through the end of the year at zipzoomfly.