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AirPod Pros

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Hat tip to link.medium.com/xGVmJPWus1 Yes they cost a ridiculous $250 for a set of tiny earphones but I can’t wait to try them. The noise cancelling seems like a great feature. The current AirPods are super convenient. I just love how that convenient they are. The pairing just seems to work. So convenient they are…

Nyc and miami so cool

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Three days is a quick trip or a life time. Some fast travel notes: 1. Miami lowes. Still haven’t found the perfect hotel here but getting closer. Loews isn’t a hardwar store but a big hotel. During the winter break overrun with families and seniors. Amazing pool and east beach access. I love the plastic…

National geographic adventurer

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Wow national geographic has certainly branches out. Love reading third latest guide to adventure travel in their november issue. Some notes via wordpress on iPhone: Arunachel Pradeah India. Whitewater kayaking in real wilderness Mont Bell is an amazing lightweight sweater made of goose down packs down to. 20cm long and just 7.5cm around. Perfect for…

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