AirPod Pros

Hat tip to Yes they cost a ridiculous $250 for a set of tiny earphones but I can’t wait to try them. The noise cancelling seems like a great feature. The current AirPods are super convenient. I just love how that convenient they are. The pairing just seems to work. So convenient they are […]

Seattle to San Diego Road Trip!

Well we’ve been up and down the I-5 corridor I don’t know how many times but a dear friend asked me what are some great stops on a 10 day journey from Seattle all the way down the coast. Here are some suggestions. As luck would have it USA Today just published a piece on […]

National geographic adventurer

Wow national geographic has certainly branches out. Love reading third latest guide to adventure travel in their november issue. Some notes via wordpress on iPhone: Arunachel Pradeah India. Whitewater kayaking in real wilderness Mont Bell is an amazing lightweight sweater made of goose down packs down to. 20cm long and just 7.5cm around. Perfect for […]

Double EQM Miles

United is having a promotion. If you register at you get double miles between April and June!

Travel Bag Recommendations

Shelley was asking me about travel bag recommendations. To reiterate, I’ve been using “Eagle Creek”: for a while. The best one seems to be the “Tarmac ES-20”: because it is wheeled and has lots of flaps. Also the handle is nice and curved which works better if you are taller. At 7.5 pound, it is […]

United Mileage promotions

United is always running strange promotions that require signup. The latest is that if you register at “”:, you’ll get up to 10,000 mileage points if you fly to China before June 30. Turns out there are lots of way to track this. “”: is an awesomely cool site that shows promotions by the various […]

Type in a private jet tail number or airline flight number to find out where it is

If you type in any tail number of any private jet from “”: you can search for any N-prefix which are US registered. Then if you type into google, the tail number, you’ll get the “”: site to tell you about the aircraft and then you can use “”: to tell you live where the […]

Conde Nast Traveler Gold List 2007

The “Gold List 2008”: An incredible useful list of great restaurants, hotels and around the world. Its pretty accurate actually because it is a reader poll. At least the areas that I know, San Francisco, LA, New York, “Shanghai: I’d agree for instance that the “Pudong “Shangri-La”: is probably the best in Shanghai !>! I […]

United Red Carpet Clubs with Showers or Arrival Suites

When you arrive in an overnight, it sure is nice to clean up and feel fresh. Here are the shower facilities as I know them and you can kind of glean things from Skytrax “Lounge reviews”: United Red Carpet Clubs in Hong Kong, London Heathrow, Sydney and Tokyo Narita have showers. With first class, you […]

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