Alex in Year Two

30308_03s.JPG (3558 bytes)         Here
is Alex scared to death on a horse

30308_04s.JPG (3908 bytes)         Alex
just loves merry-go-rounds

30308_10s.JPG (3952 bytes)   Wow, what a mess Alex makes

30308_11s.JPG (3809 bytes)
          Here is Alex just falling asleep

30308_19s.JPG (2548 bytes)30308_17s.JPG (2897 bytes) Wonderful evening

Alexander and the Bunny

Here a great sequence of Alex with one of his favorite toys, a big bunny. He’s so great
playing on the floor. This was taken at our old house on Calhoun. One of the last photo
sequences there during the summer before Calvin arrived.

Alex at Kirkland Park

We’ve just moved to Clyde Hill, so this is before Calvin arrives. Doesn’t Connie look
great even eight months pregnant. Alex just loves playing in the water and it was such a
great sunny day.

Alex and his favorite bunny!

Alex has so many pictures I branched it to this page

More photos of Alex

At Dad’s birthday, seeing Calvin for the first time in the hospital

Alex at Calvin's Birth

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