Gateway Keyboard Driver Prevents Suspend.


  1. Windows XP Pro does not recognize my Gateway Multi-Functional key board- It has me listed as a Microsoft Standard 102-103 keyboard.How do I change this or can I/

  2. Most of the time it shouldn’t make much difference. I presume your keyboard driver works. Otherwise, best bet is to troll the support forums and see if they have their own driver.
    Usually these drivers are used to enable the special function keys. Not like I ever use them myself, so if you don’t use those magic keys don’t bother is my advice.

  3. Hey James, I had the same problem that you had but I was able to search in for the Gateway drivers and found the drivers that work well with Windows XP. Click on this link below and once you downloaded the file, run the “SETUP65.exe” file. As soon as it’s done installing, the Multifunctions on your Gateway keyboard should start working right away. You shouldn’t have to restart your computer….well at least I didn’t have to. I have included the link where you can download this driver from….just cut and paste it into your browser and hit “Go” or the “Enter” button. Any questions feel free to contact me at my e-mail address above. Peaceout! God Bless

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