TackleTour.com ~ The Angler’s Source for Tackle News and Reviews!. Thanks to google again, I found the right fishing site for getting the kids fishing rods. Here is what we are going to get…
Okuma Metaloid for Dad. Okuma produces a real winner with the Metaloid! The Metaloid echoes the very mission of Okuma…to produce top notch products without the astronomical prices. At 79.99 the Metaloid is an incredible value that offers any angler the opportunity to fish with a high performance reel. While some may find the Metaloid design flashy others will no doubt love the Metaloid’s premium look and feel. in any event the Metaloid offers a unique balance of innovative features and performance at a amazing price….making it a worthy recipient of TackleTour’s “Best Value” award!
Okuma Fina for $50. Okuma does it again, they have effectively raised the bar by re-designing the Fina with advanced features and improvements found in reels twice this price. The Fina represents everything that Okuma stands for, producing a high performance product that is also a phenomenal value. The new Fina not only is a major step forward from the old design but puts the product right up there as a real contender for value conscious anglers that want the most reel performance out of their hard earned dollars
Quarrow ML3 for $110. After completing all the tests I had a conversation with Quarrow Pro Tom Lester and he remarked “The ML3 series rod from Quarrow is the lightest, strongest and most durable rod, in it’s price range, I have ever used. If quality is an issue when selecting a fishing rod, you can’t go wrong with a Quarrow ML3 rod,” and after fishing with the OTS664F on four different lakes in varying conditions, and with everything from cranks to plastics I would have to agree. You would be hard pressed to find a rod with the OTS664F’s great sensitivity, comfort, and strength at such a great price. In truth the OTS664F fishes with the same confidence as rods twice its price, and offers a level of sensitivity that can hold its own with any of the top rod manufacturer’s premium offerings. It is for this reason that the OTS664F is the first rod to ever be awarded TackleTour’s “Best Value” award, congratulations Quarrow!
For the Boys, I was going to get them a pair of ultralights so we can go camping and it also fits their smaller size.
$36. The Quantum XLSP1000 combo consists of the XL462SUL rod and XL00S2 spinning reel. The rod is only four feet and six inches in length constructed out of high-modulus graphite, genuine Fuji reel seat, and a cork handle. The 5.0 ounce reel, when attached to the rod, makes a perfect couple in appearance, but we will see if they perform just as nice.

2 responses to “TackleTour.com ~ The Angler's Source”

  1. Mark Chubb Avatar

    I have used this rod before and yes there are others out there that are much better, but for the price of this fishing rod it is ideal for all ages i agree.

  2. Christopher Avatar

    This rod is very durable and lite. It is a great choice for young and old alike.

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