J & N Computer Tested

J & N Computer Tested Motherboard Bundle Combinations Services
They test the CPU fan and memory on the motherboard, ships with cpu, fan, kmemory, motherboard. Perfect for creating things on the house.
For example…see how much cheaper the Athlon is…
TH7-2r Motherboard , on-board RAID, w/Retail Pentium 4 Socket 478 CPU , Intel 850 Chipset 2 pieces 128mb 800Mhz RAMBUS (RDRAM) Memory included 512MB: $721/2.0Ghz $887/2.2GHz, $1003/2.4GHz
A7V333R Motherboard w/OEM CPU, Onboard Sound, DDR333 Memory, USB 2.0, RAID(0,1), 1394 Firewire (KT333 chipset), Via KT333 Chipset 1 piece 512mb PC2700 Memory included with bundle.
$581/XP2000, $635/XP2100. And it has thermal protection…

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