Marin Introduces New Suspension Design
. Wow, Specialized just launch the new Epic, Santa Cruz has the new Blur, Klein has the Phantom. I’m in heaven. Will have to get a mountain bike this season. Here are notes on the new Marin’s
Marin Bikes just announced the launch of its patented Quad technology which will be featured on the company’s XC full suspension bikes. The Quad was developed with chief designer John Whyte, an ex-Formula One engineer and cycling enthusiast. The Quad, named for its four-bar linkage system, four inches of rear wheel travel and quadratic wheel path equation will be available in four models including the East Peak, Rift Zone, Mount Vision and Mount Vision Pro.
According to Marin, the Quad suspension design is a four-bar linkage system with a patented Intelligent Pivot (i.e. similar to VPP designs). The Intelligent pivot center is designed to mechanically adjust itself relative to vertical forces applied to the rear wheel, and is claimed to offer riders better control and traction in all conditions.

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