HeadAngle : Cinelli RAM Review


HeadAngle : Cinelli RAM Review Saw the just beautiful Cinelli Carbon Ram Bar/Stem today. It's an all carbon, one piece monocoque bar/stem combo. It's swoopy, has a great shape, and well, is just sweeeeeet looking! It's also probably about the lightest you can get, at least without using some super-sketch, twitchy ultra-light aluminum bar that I wouldn't be caught dead with. But, of course it'll also set you back at least $100 more in the process. e.g. The Cinelli Ram is 350g. An Easton EC-90 (195g) and a Deda Newton stem (145g) would be 340g costing about $270, compared to the wallet loving $470 for the Cinelli. But, come on, the Cinelli is just so nice. (Note, you can remove the little computer mount thing I believe, and it looks better without it.)