DVD Player compatibility. This is the site that talk all about DVD compatibility with DVD+RW drives. I used Ulead’s studio to create my first DVD. It was a little complicated, but got it to work, but my Toshiba 6200 won’t read it. A quick query with google got me to this site and it talk about needing to fix the bit setting on the drive so that it knows it is a 2-layer DVD that only has one layer. Typical programming goof.
Anyway, this leads, to downloading mydvdbitset.exe which has to have the latest firmware for my Sony drive.
DVD Firmware has the latest firmware information plus a querying tool to see what I have. Turns out there is a problem with Sony not having different firmware so that these bitset utilities don’t work.
ASPI Drivers. That leads to having to load the ASPI drivers which Microsoft no longer includes in Windows because of licensing issues with Adaptec.
So, you need to load the ASPI driver, so you can check the firmware date, so you can load the firmware, so you can use the compatibility tool. Sigh. What a mess.

One response to “DVD Player compatibility. This is a mess!”

  1. Clem Avatar

    Have a Toshiba SD-V280A DVD/VHS Combo. Can you tell me if unit will play-back DVD+R or DVD-RW
    formats. Manuel says it will not play DVD-Ram or DVD-RW. It will play-back CD-R, CDR-RW.
    Is there any fix for this.

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