UniteTheCows – Kazaa Participation hack! Well, this is the latest version of the Kazaa Participation Hack. This program will fake uploads in your Kazaa application, in order to increase your Participation level. Kazaa now has a new participation feature, this fakes things and ensures you get the best files
The participation level serves one important purpose: It will give you higher priority on the download queues.
REMEMBER: If you un-share your files once you have raised your participation level, this program will have no effect. ALL USERS who do not share on the network are given a level of 0, no matter what your client says! SO SHARE!!
The download can be found here (you must register first):
Kazaa Participation Hack 1.3 (fixed now lol, sorry)
Privacy Warning: Note: This software sends anonymous usage statistics via SMTP (e-mail). There is a reason for this – excessive use can get you banned from the network. My server keeps track of the Kazaa Usernames that use this app, and how often… if you are using it too much, you’ll be warned. The only thing that is sent is your kazaa username. That’s a guarantee!
Note also, that some McAffee users have detected a worm in the files released here. This is totally untrue, and if you updated your virus signatures, you would realise that it is a bug, and has been corrected
Enjoy this release. Do not post any questions here or comments about previous versions.

14 responses to “UniteTheCows – Kazaa Participation hack!”

  1. KaZaA Lite Avatar

    You guys should use KaZaA Lite. Your participation level is always at 1000 and never goes down. Also there isn’t all the adware and spyware that Kazaa Media Desktop has.

  2. itf Avatar

    kazaa is too slow

  3. maurette Avatar

    thanks for this download

  4. Scott Avatar


  5. scott Avatar


  6. D Rafiei Avatar
    D Rafiei

    what is next

  7. Gee Avatar

    I need it !!!

  8. chips Avatar

    Thank You Foe This Download

  9. BG Avatar

    Great job! Keep it up…

  10. Coal Avatar


  11. Richard Clark Avatar
    Richard Clark

    Hope it works!

  12. bghh2001 Avatar

    great i really need this program keep up the good work.
    big up from yard.

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  14. anthony Avatar

    hi all

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