Upcoming phones Carriers are pretty


Upcoming phones
Carriers are pretty bad at previewing what is coming. Here are some sites that I use to see what is up

  • World GSM Cellular Phones. A top google hit. This site has lots of the world and other phones that are only available overseas. For instance, the drool is on for the next generation Nokia 6610 and also the upcoming Ericsson T300.
  • Motorola Previews. The new C330I thinks its very neat as a cheap color phone.
  • Sony Ericcson. A great list of interesting phones here. For instance, the T300. Look slike a super affordable T68 that's coming soon.
  • Nokia European Phones. These are the cool new European phones that eventually make their way to the US. Drool includes the 6650 with a built-in still/video camera but this is pretty heavy at 141 grams or the really funky 3650 or the 3510i which is only 100 grams and has a color screen.