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Well, now that we have Geek Fishing up and running, it’s time to do another review of web tools to get things published and into search enginers. I did this a few years ago, but the world is always changing. Here’s

  1. Jim Tools. Last time around, I just punched into submit-it. This has since been sucked into BCentral and isn’t free anymore, so a Google search for Free Site Submission Tools got me to Jim Tools.
  2. Get Ready. As Jim says, the first thing is to make sure the header for the site is right. See his points there, but it essentially helps you to write tight Meta tags. I’m going to update this for Tongfamily and for geekfishing.
  3. Submit it. A great directory of free submissions. Beware that this will mean spam city for whatever mail account you submit to it.
  4. Site Search. This is a great rapid way to see if your site is indexed in the top 15 sites.
  5. This gets you to some of the second tier sites. It is not clear what’s the best free tool to hit directories like google and yahoo. I’m going to have to do more research on that.

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