>e-novative> PHP (ePHP) – the PHP for Windows solution. Wow, a single installer that lays down PHP 4.2.3, Apache 1.3.27, MySQL, etc. Pretty neat.
I need to get my Pear installation right. There is a bug right now that I can’t figure out and the docuemntaiton is terrible. It has the parse RFC 822 function I need, but I can’t figure out how to get it to run. Documentation is terrible.
Fred tells me there is a new all-in-one download called WAMP that I should be using (probably stands for Windows, Apache, MySQL and Perl).

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  1. Clint Avatar

    It’s not there anymore. I have uploaded it to my server. Feel free to download:

  2. Clint Avatar

    Go here for WAMP aka ePHP with PHP, MYSQL, and Apache for Windows. I use it for my WinXP Pro.

  3. lostu Avatar

    can anyone please give me the FULL URL so I can download WAMP ? I went to http://www.e-novative.de/downloads but i get a website in german and i cant understand nothing ..
    I will really apreciate it .
    Thanks and have fun.

  4. Fred Dunkio Avatar

    A newer version of ePHP (named WAMP) is available at http://www.e-novative.de/downloads.
    Might be of interest to you. I like it, and it has the most recent components with it.

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