Photolog in MovableType FIVE STEP


Photolog in MovableType

FIVE STEP PHOTOLOG. Ah ha, this is how you do a photolog using MovableType. It is amazing how clever people can be. You basically overload the fields in MovableType so that the main image is in the main entry, description is in additional entry and the Thumbnail goes into the Excerpt. This technique should work anywhere where you have three fields like this. Too bad, b2/Cafelog doesn't, there is no excerpt, but I bet I can find three unused fields and then generate the right template.
I had a chance to study this and it is a good way to overload things. The main issue is that it is far from automatic. If this works OK, then I'll have to see about writing or finding a batch loader, that snarfs everything from a local folder, then shrinks them to web friendly (e.g., 100-200Kb) and creates the right entries.