Rechargeable Batteries


Seems like everyhting this christmas needs batteires. Here's my quick guide to rechargeables:

  • NiMH Batteries - Thomas Distributing. I've been ordering from Thomas Distributing at for over a year now. They are very reliable and seem to have all the latest stuff.
  • The Great Battery Shootout!. For the really nerdy, there are actually test of battery performance. Main results are that getting the biggest battery does matter and getting a good charger is key
  • Kodak AA 1850. As of right now, this is the top rated. It is really a Sanyo battery. A little more expensive, but will last longer on my bike commuting. I've had quite a few times when an 1800mAH runs out.
  • Powerex C-204S. Also turns out that getting a good charger is very key. The ones that I've used at the It can charge AA and AAA MiMH batteries in 100 minutes. Wow.
  • FAQ. They has have a great that I found really helpful.