Skiing Apparel

Skiing Apparel

Been doing quite a bit of skiing with the kids. Big thing has been keeping them safe and warm, so I've been surfing looking for the right clothes. Here's what I've found:

Where to shop

In terms of places that I shop, there are a couple that I've found have good prices and good service:

  • REI. When you have to get fit and need it right away, REI just can't be beat.
  • These are the online stores that I compare and then buy from:
  • Snow Leopard and Alpine Ski Center. Top rated at and Ski Magazine, they have a nice selection, but i've not personally tried them yet.
  • Ski Helmets. Reviews and a place that only sells Ski Helmets. I love it!
  • Winter Kids. A web site just for kids winter clothes. Haven't tried yet, but a cool concept.

Miscellaneous things are sizing charts like that REI is an incredible resource for as well as specific ones for Columbia Sportswear Childrens Sizes

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